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Thank you so much for everything that you do!! You definitely exceed the duties of a daycare and treat everyone like family. You are truly special and are a part of our family!! :)

Mark, Melanie, Dominic and Katlynn.

"Thanks for all you do and the great care you provide, couldn't ask for better."

Jettie Smith

You are the best daycare lady I have ever had!


You have been there for the girls for many years! Thanks for giving them a safe and enriching place to go. We appreciated you so much and the girls will miss you!


Dori watched my oldest son and his prior daycare he didn't want to stay at (it was structured all day long) but, at Dori's he never wanted to come home. Made me feel more at ease knowing that he was having fun and was given the opportunity to play the things that interested him, not what was told he had to do. Thanks a bunch!

Darla Perschau

Anything special you had on your wish list? Besides a million dollars; cause if I had it believe me I would share being that you have gone above and beyond to help us out over the years. If I haven't said it lately, "Thank you for everything you do."


Thank you so much for "4" wonderful years with you, filled with lots of love and great care. I had so much fun and am going to miss you both and all my friends.


Thank you for everything you do, and have done for us.

Morgan, Jaxon and Amari

Thank you for all you have done for us over the years. You truly are a blessing.

Taylor & Brayden

You are the best!


Dori, Thanks for being a great daycare.

Abby and Coda

Myla just loved coming here! Not only do you have everything a child could possibly want to play with but you taught her so much! Myla was more then ready for kindergarten to the point they were amazed just from your preschool program! We absolutely love how not only you took such great care of Myla but how much you taught her! I absolutely recommend you as the best daycare.

Sarah & Myla

Here's a small token of appreciation for all you do and to help raise our son and see him turning into a great kid that he is. Thank you!

Kevin & Deb Deopere

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